Congress Center

Congress Center

Hotel dei Congressi has a long experience in offering event spaces for the most diverse purpose. During the almost sixty years of activity, banks, insurance companies, medical, international and political organizations, as well as major fashion and clothing companies have chosen Hotel dei Congressi for their events. We strive to provide maximum flexibility and assistance in customizing the meeting space for your needs. Please inquire using the form at the bottom of this page.  The total capacity of this center is 400 people, distributed in six different halls described below.


The Congressi ballroom is the largest meeting room at Hotel dei Congressi.
It is ideal for plenary sessions, large or small work meetings, workshops, artistic or commercial exhibits, and banquets.

It can accommodate up to 220 people in a theater layout, 50 people in a square layout, and 45 people in a U-shaped configuration.

Upon request we can provide a stand for the chairperson.
The room has two screens, each one with its own projector, and an audiovideo system.

It is wheel chair accessible.

Dante and Beatrice are two meeting rooms of approx. 40 square meters (432 sq. ft.) each. They are located next to the Congressi Ballroom and share the same anti chamber. They are suitable as breakout or office rooms for larger events taking place in Congressi. Standard layouts are theater (40 seats), square (24) and U-shaped (21). Please, inquire using the form below if you need a different layout, we can accommodate the most diverse needs. Each room has a screen and a projector.

The Sfingi room has a surface of 67 m2 (721 sq. Ft.) . It can host up to 70 people in
a theater arrangement, and 30 with square or U-shape arrangement. It has a screen, a projector, and an amplification system for the speaker.

Thanks to the translucent wall at one end, it enjoys a delicate natural light.

The Beggins and Nuvola rooms are located at the seventh floor and have natural light and a direct view of the Nuvola congress center.

Surface area is 30 m2 (301 sq. feet) and thus, the two rooms are suitable for small meetings and workshops. They can host up to 20 seats in the theater configuration, 18 seats in the square configurations and 16 in the U-shaped one.

Both rooms have projector and screen.

Daly rates

  • Congressi
    Surf. area: 181 m2 (1948 sq. ft.), W 9.8 m (32 feet), L 18.5 m (61 feet), H3.2 m (10.5 feet). Seats: theater 220, square 45, U-shaped 40 Euro 500+VAT/day.
    € 500 + IVA
  • Dante
    Surf. area: 40 m2 (432 sq. ft.), W 5.5 m (18 feet), L 7.3 m (24 feet), H 2.7 m (9 feet). Seats: theater 40, square 24, U-shaped 21 Euro 260+VAT/day.
    € 260 + IVA
  • Beatrice
    Surf. area: 38 m2 (432 sq. ft.), W 6.9 m (23 feet), L 5.5 m (18 feet), H 2.7 (9 feet). Seats: theater 40, square 24, U-shaped 21 Euro 260+VAT/day.
    € 260 + IVA
  • Sfingi
    Surf. area: 67 m2 (721 sq. ft.), W 5.5 m (18 feet), L 12.3 m (40 feet), H 2.5 (8,2 feet). Seats: theater 70, square 30, U-shaped 30 Euro 360+VAT/day.
    € 360 + IVA
  • Baggins
    Surf. area: 28 m2 (301sq. ft.), W 4 m (13 feet), L 7 m (23 feet), H 2.7 (9 feet). Seats: theater 20, square 20, U-shaped 16 Euro 200+VAT/day.
    € 200 + IVA
  • Sala della nuvola
    Surf. area: 28 m2 (301sq. ft.), W 4 m (13 feet), L 7 m (23 feet), H 2.7 (9 feet). Seats: theater 20, square 20, U-shaped 16 Euro 200+VAT/day.
    € 200 + IVA

Included services:

All meeting rooms have complimentary audio-video systems: screen,projector, microphone, speakers and WiFi connection for all delegates.

Optional services:

Hotel dei Congressi, in collaboration with its restaurant, provide catering services that include coffee break, buffet lunche, formal business lunche and dinner, large meetings. Catering can be organized in the meeting rooms, in the restaurant spaces or in the outdoor patio.

Seat arrangements

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