We are ready to welcome you in a safe Hotel,
thanks to the new Covid-19 protocol.

Comfort, well-being and safety for our guests.

Hotel dei Congressi is glad to communicate its reopening after the pandemics, having become a fully Covid-19 safe Hotel. As we always did, we strive to offer the best amenities and to provide the great staying experience that has always distinguished us from the competition.

To this end, we have implemented a safety protocol to protect the health of our guests and staff, based on the OMS guidlines of March 31st 2020, and on the “Safe Hospitality Protocol” by Federalberghi, the italian hotel-industry association, of April 27th 2020. Please read below the measures we implemented and how to respect the new regulations required by the protocol.

Responsible behaviors to keep at Hotel dei Congressi for the safety of all guests and staff: a shortlist.

Wash your hands often with soap and water. Alternatively, use the disinfectant available from the dispensers located at each floor, at the entrance of meeting rooms, and in all common spaces.

Face mask, covering both mouth and nose, is mandatory when waiting in line at the front desk, walking in common spaces, in the restaurant, in the breakfast room, at the bar. Mask is *not* mandatory when sitting at a table in any of these spaces.

It is mandatory to keep a 1 meter distance among people. When at the front desk, stand in line according to the sings on the floor to keep the safe distance.

When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth with the internal part of your elbow and not with your hand. You will avoid contamination of all the surfaces you touch, and you will contribute to everybody’s safety.

Travelers experiencing respiratory symptoms, cold, cough, or body temperature above 37,5 °C (99,5 F) are forbidden to enter the Hotel. The temperature will be checked at the entrance of the Hotel wih a contactless thermal scanner.

In order to speed-up the check-in/out process, we kindly ask you to communicate your personal data in advance by email. Lowering the permanence time in all common spaces is pivotal to everybody’s safety.

Our priority: the safety and well-being of our guests.

The following Covid-19 protocol allows the high quality of service and comfort that characterize Hotel dei Congressi, with a top level of protection for our Guests.

During check-in and check-out

To speed-up check-in/out procedures, and reduce interpersonal contacts, guests are kindly asked to send their personal details before arrival, and possibly a photo of their ID to info@hoteldeicongressiroma.com Similarly, they can interact by email/phone before check-out to limit time at the front desk before departure.

While at the front desk, you must wear a face mask. It is important to perform only those operations that are related to the check-in/out without unnecessary lingering, so as to avoid gathering of people. Front-desk staff will wear a face mask, and will operate from behind a transparent screen, to increase separation and thus safety level.

Rooms are disinfected with hydrogen peroxyde at every check-out.

Everytime a guest enters the Hotel, the body temperature will be measured with a contactless thermal scan. Access to the Hotel mey be denied if the temperature is above 37,5° (99,5 F)

All those object that are touched by guests during normal front desk operation will be constantly disinfected: POS, pen, the frontdesk itself.
Should a guests experience any symptom that could be possibly related to Covid-19 infection, the staff will accompany the guests to her/his room, and medical authorities will be contacted immediately. It will be necessary to compile a list of all the people that have been in contact with the potentially infected guests inside the Hotel, as per OMS protocol.

A daily disinfection conducted with care

Room cleaning and disinfection. Normal cleaning procedures have been improved to face the Covid-19 emergency. To avoid self contamination and spreading of the virus in the Hotel, cleaning personnel will wear disposable shoe-covers and apron on top of the normal work clothing. All those surfaces and objects that are often touched by guests, like the remote control, door handle, window knob, light switches,  refrigerator handle, etc… will be disinfected using disposable cleaning cloths. Bedding will be changed and transported in sealed bags, to be washed at 70 °C (158 F), enough to deactivate the Covid-19. At check-out, the room will be fully disinfected with hydrogen peroxyde.

Disposal of potential infected material like face masks, gloves, and disposable cloths, will take place in sealed bags, so as to make transportation from inside to the outside of the Hotel safe.

Ventilation: at Hotel dei Congressi, rooms *do not* have recirculation of air in common with other rooms. Consequently, room-to-room airborn contamination cannot occurr. To decrease the risk of infection, we have increased the frequency of disinfection of the air filters and grids in rooms and all common spaces.

Supplier: to minimize contact with people outside the Hotel, suppliers, who will wear face mask when close to the Hotel, will not enter the Hotel itself, but wait on the loading dock, outside.

Elevator: if more than one person at the time is inside the elevator, face mask is mandatory, except if memebers of the same family. We have increased the frequency of disinfection of the air filters and the elevator buttons.

Inside meeting rooms, forced air intake from the outside will be on one hour beore and after any event to make the enviroment virus-free.  Internal recirculation will be always inactive, so that only fresh air from the outside will be allowed in.  Body temperature of all people entering the meeting rooms will be taken with a contactless thermal scanner, and access will be denied if the temperature is above 37,5 °C (99,5 in F).

At the restaurant it will be possible to dine upon reservation only, by noon of the same day. In order to trace contacts, your presence will be kept in a registry for 15 days. Please read the following paragraph for additional details.

Restaurant and breakfast area.

When entering the restaurant or breakfast rooms, guests will be required to disinfect their hands using gel dispensers located at the entrance and in the restaurant spaces.

Once inside, tables have been arranged to guarantee interpersonal distance of 1 meter minimum. To this end, all tables will be set for one person except for families. Guest must pay attention to always keep the 1 meter minimum interpersonal distance.

At the bar it will be allowed to consume food and drinks, as long as the 1 m interpersonal distance is maintained. We strongly advice to use available tables to keep distance.

When leaving their tables, guests will have to wear face mask correctly, covering both mouth and nose.  Service personnel will always wear face mask. At the end of any service, all surfaces touched by guests, like the table, the plastified menus, water carafes and such, will be disinfected.

Rooms service is available for both breakfast and dinner at no additional cost, provided that the request is communicated at the moment of reservation.

Table cloths and napkins are disinfected with the same procedure as the bedding.

Hotel dei Congressi Roma

Hotel dei Congressi is Covid-19 safe!

Restaurant is open to Guests for dinner only. Reservation by noon same day is requested.

Clck for details about the COVID-19 safety protocol

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